Sunday, December 18, 2011

Star in the East

Star in the East

Star in the East

     The coming birth of Jesus was said to be known by the Wise Men previous to his birth in Bethlehem.  Christ's mission was linked to these avatars, and a sign was given to them to announce the birth of 'Christ' Jesus.  Signs were read by the spiritual insights of these men of God, signs "not even remotely approachable by the elaborate charts attempted by modern casters of horoscopes."  Whatever the celestial signs of that time in history, "it was the 'star in the east' of greater power by which they knew of the coming on earth of 'Christ' Jesus:  the all-revealing light of the spiritual eye of the soul's intuitive divine perception located in the "east" of the body - in a subtle spiritual center of Christ Consciousness in the forehead between the two physical eyes."  So, the star seen with the spiritual eye is the true "star in the east." *

Paramahansa Yogananda in The Second Coming of Christ

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