Sunday, November 13, 2011


     Do you dream?  We all dream, and we recall our dreams to varying extents.  At times we have dreams that are remembered in great detail, and at other times we don't seem to be able to recall them at all.  In some cultures, dream-sharing is an important part of family life - of community life.  When we dream we enter other dimensions of reality - dimensions beyond time and space.  We can move among those who live in the spiritual realms and have meaningful communication with the spirit beings who reside in those realms - many of them family and friends who have crossed over from the Earth dimension; also Spiritual Teachers and Angelic Beings who protect and guide us.

     "The Plains Indians say the path of the soul after death is the same as the path of the soul in dreams.  Dreaming and dreamwork are central to developing an art of dying that works for us today."  (Robert Moss).

     In his book Dreaming True Moss gives us seven levels of dreaming:
     Level 1:  Dream Recycling
     Level 2:  Dream Moviemaking
     Level 3:  Dreaming with the Body
     Level 4:  Psychic Dreaming
     Level 5:  Transpersonal Dreaming
     Level 6:  Sacred Dreaming
     Level 7:  Dreambringing

     Because dreams use images and symbols to transmit their messages to our conscious minds, our dreams don't always make a lot of sense to us at first.  We must work with the symbolism and apply it in some way to our waking lives.  One way to work with dreams is through journaling and creating a glossary of symbols that is meaningful in our own interpretation of them.

     The mind is vast and infinite in its access to information in many dimensions.  But when a dream experience is brought back to our waking consciousness it is filtered through our finite physical brain, making it difficult to decipher the message until we've studied its symbolism and become familiar with its language and its connections to our lives in this Earth consciousness.  Our dreams are full of guidance for us now and in our future, if we'll only pay attention and work with them.

     Where do your dreams take you?

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