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Mother (Kathryn)
My Precious Mother 
Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mother,

     It is Mother's Day again, and it is the eighth year that I have not had you with me to celebrate this special day together.  I feel your presence daily in my life as you touch in from the higher realms, and I miss you on this plane of living more than you can imagine.  I know without a doubt that I had/have the most wonderful and loving mother in the world!

     Actions speak louder than words, and your actions conveyed to me throughout my life just how much you loved God, your family, your friends - and all life.  From your tiny frame, you were a tower of strength as you took on the world about you.  I witnessed your ability to deal with the challenges given you, with courage, integrity, loving-kindness and practicality.  You were prudent with your advice and fair in your assessment of situations.  You taught by your example which was clear and impeccable.  The qualities that sustain me in my life have their origin in my life-long relationship with you.

     I've always been proud to call you my mother.  I recall how important it was to me to have you attend school functions with me so I could show off my "beautiful mother."  Your acceptance of my friends always endeared you to them.  Your sense of humor put us at ease and lightened up the tensest of situations.  I reported to you one time, when I was a 5th grader, that you had left the filling out of my sandwich in my school lunch.  With your quick wit you replied, "It was a jam sandwich - two pieces of bread jammed together."  We laughed, and that made it "all better."

     News of world and local events often brought out your resolve to help and support others - from your most compassionate depths.  The most selfless and inclusive person I've ever known - others always came first.  What a wonderful pattern for my life you have demonstrated.  If I can live up to only a part of it, the world will indeed be a better place.  Thank you for being my mother - I honor you, and I love you!

     Your daughter, Shirley "Ann"

Mother (Kathryn) and Ann

Kathryn and grandchildren:  Wendi, Julia, Jim, Mark

My Special Father
June 19, 2011

Sidney Vestal Frazier
November 17, 1905 - February 2, 1947
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!