Three Remarkable Women

     I have stories to tell you about three remarkable women who, through their presence in my life, have taught me some of the most significant lessons I will ever know. My contacts with them took place during their lives on Earth and continues now from where they are living their new lives in other dimensions.

     Ann C. Manser is a spiritual Teacher who revealed much to me about who I am, and why I am here. Pat Larson, my closest friend during our twenty-five year friendship, taught me the meaning of friendship at its highest level, where souls connect and love and support each other. My mother, Kathryn George (Frazier) Parrotte, showed me deep love and compassion, the courage to meet life and its challenges, and how to keep moving forward through all and any circumstances of life. When one finds souls like these on her path, she doesn’t give them up easily . . . and so I didn’t!

     Some people stay in our hearts forever.
" . . . from a half-hidden violet nestling under a leaf
to the gaudiest of sunflowers blazing over a board fence
is suggested the whole meaning of Cosmic Creation."
 . . . Ann C. Manser
      Founder and Author,  Pages of Shustah, Inc.

Ann C. Manser   1896 - 1977

“You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you.”
- Aslan to Jill, in C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair
Ann's Sandalphon Angel

   There were awe-inspiring accounts of Ann's experiences with the great storm devas and with those exalted masters and Beings beyond the human kingdom.  But it was her little brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom who captured her love and devotion.  She provided a home for many animals during her lifetime and never appeared too busy to offer a healing prayer or ritual for one of her little 'friends' about whose suffering she was made aware.
     Ann had many devoted friends and students who would have joyfully cared for her in her time of need during her illness with adrenal cancer, but I was the only one of her students living nearby who was not expected to report for a 9 to 5 job each day. Our routine began a little over a month before Ann's death in January, so some of it took place during the Christmas holidays.  Each evening I unrolled my sleeping bag onto an exercise mat on her kitchen floor and slept there all night with one ear open to listen for her call in case she needed me.  Then I stayed with Ann each morning until I cooked her oatmeal for breakfast and prepared her main meal to be heated for lunch.  The daytime hours belonged to my family, and the children were with their dad at night.

     In the late evenings, I stole away to see about Ann in her upstairs garage apartment.  She always greeted me with a new story about her preparation for her transition from this life into the next.  I listened attentively, literally at her feet, as she imparted her knowledge of dimensions beyond the physical dimension - knowledge to which I had never been exposed.  I had to stretch my imagination in order to comprehend some of the jewels she shared during these visits.

     One evening, I took some Christmas gifts to work on while I listened to the latest development in Ann's journey.  She chuckled as I took my usual place at her feet and tried to make myself comfortable on the floor with the gifts spread around me.  When I asked her what was so funny, she laughed again and said, "You're sitting right up against Clare.  She gets a kick out of that."  I quickly got up to move, and Ann said, "No, she likes you there."  Ann explained to me that Clare was a Sandalphon Angel.  "The Mighty Archangel Sandalphon whose host of angelic beings are the Cherubim, and among many important tasks they work at the gates of birth and death, opening and closing the avenues of consciousness when transition occurs in the animal and human kingdoms."  This information can be found in Lecture 40 of the Pages of Shustah. 

     When I threatened to write a book about Ann someday, she retorted, "No one wants to know that I have wine and Godiva chocolates for breakfast!"  I told her that was the very thing that would sell my book!  

Kathryn (Mother)   1913 - 2003  (& Nova)
 Alert from the Afterlife

     About six weeks after Mother had made her transition, I rolled out of bed one morning and took her camera out of a drawer, sat down on my bed, and attempted to determine if there was any film in it that needed to be developed. I picked up the manual and was reading in it when the little clown music box, high on a top shelf of the bookcase, began playing. It played a few notes and stopped, then played a few more - then in a few minutes it played again!

     I was in an auto accident several years ago in Oklahoma.  Mother came from Tennessee to see me and gave me a little clown doll with a music box inside.  Sometime in the year before her transition, I mentioned the clown, and she responded with, "You still have that silly old clown?"  I told her, "Yes, I'll keep the little clown," and jokingly I continued, it will always remind me of you."

     After hearing the music box, I began talking to Mother and I thanked her for being there.  I closed my eyes and tried to hear her, to get some thoughts from her. I guess I was still a bit too emotional, so I wasn't able to pick up any information at that time.  But later, as I sat working at my computer, I had a very strong urge to call my daughter Wendi in Vermont.

     Wendi couldn't be reached by phone but later in the day I was able to reach one of her friends who told me that Wendi had been pretty ill over the weekend.  She promised to check on her after work and leave her a cell phone if she needed one.  I was finally able to reach her and learned that her own cell phone wasn't charged and she had been too sick to get word to me in any other way.  Before we hung up, I told her how I was led to call her.  There was a long pause followed by, "Mom, that's incredible!  I've been talking to Grandma and asking her for her help."  I responded with, "Well, Granny sure came through for you, didn't she?  I flew to Vermont the next day to take care of my daughter.

     Wendi had asked for help, and she had received it. Mother had discovered a way to get my attention, and her plan worked.  I've heard from her through the funny little clown many times since that first experience.

Clown Music Box, a gift from Mother

     Pat Larson was a metaphysical teacher and Secretary and Coordinator for Shustah, Inc. in Omaha, NE.  She was Coordinator and Seminar Chairwoman for Spectra Incorporated, a program which drew well-known speakers and seminar leaders in metaphysical topics to Omaha.  She coordinated large Expos of New Age speakers who offered workshops and seminars. She was also an Executive Director on the Paranormal Claims Research Board.  She authored a study course in ancient wisdoms called, Ageless Wisdom for Today's World (featured above).                                                   
Patricia "Pat" Larson   1926 - 2001
Afterlife Orientation  
     Three months after Pat's transition, I found myself with Pat and a large group of people seated around a long dinner table enjoying a meal together.  I asked Pat if she knew anyone there - I didn't know anyone but Pat.  She vaguely knew one of the guests, or at least knew who he was.  Other than that, they all seemed like strangers to both of us.  After dinner, a social director stood up, the table was removed, and there was music in the background.  The social director announced that everyone was invited to do some folk dancing and we could choose partners, if we wished.  Pat and I of course chose each other.

     The music moved more to the foreground, and we were taught dance steps to folk music.  When the music and dancing paused for a moment, we resumed our conversation.  I was asking her about her new residence in her new dimension when I began to withdraw and travel back to my physical body asleep in my bed.  I wasn't ready to leave, but the suction through the tunnel was too strong and I couldn't delay my return.  I could still see Pat until she became a tiny dot in a brilliant light at the other end of the tunnel.

     This is only one of many extraordinary experiences I've had with my lovely friend Pat Larson since her transition.  Orientations for newcomers seem to follow many different individual plans and patterns, and those I've been fortunate to attend have been "social mixers" to welcome the newcomers, give them an introduction to their new home, and an opportunity to have their questions answered. 


  1. Ann, I am wondering if you can write some about Ann Manser. I am studying Shustah with my spiritual mentor, Steve Engel, and would love to know more about Ann and your experiences with her. She had to have been quite a lady.

    I love the color of your blog. It's soft and inviting. Rev. Marge deGraw

  2. Marge, this is all new to me and I just found your comment. Yes, I'll be happy to post something about Ann. I'll soon have a book published that will have a couple of chapters devoted to her, as well. Yes, Ann was quite a lady!

  3. Ann, thanks so much for the added info. Be sure to let us know when the book comes out. I took a class from Pat Larson and knew her a bit from Spectra here in Omaha. Small world!!

  4. Yes, Marge. It IS a small world. Pat was a precious friend and I've also devoted some chapters to her my book. I'm so glad you knew her, too. I'll certainly let you know when the book is out. Check in often, and respond to any of the blogs as well.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Kelly and Ann Manser was my Mom's best friend and my godmother. Though Ann moved away from the NW, my family studied Shustah as I was growing up, and later studied the Kabalah. Ann was always larger than life in my world. She gave us so much with aurascopes and all of her color work. I still see her in dreams - coming through the bluegreen veil. Thanks for your website!

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I wrote you a reply on this post and just found out that it isn't here. I'm so sorry. I was so happy that you found my blog and introduced yourself, and I would like more communication with you. Ann is still as busy as always, isn't she? I see her occasionally, too, and I recall being in some of her classes during the night. Please contact me via my email, if you will, when you find this post. Soooo glad to hear from you!!!

  7. Kelly, I forgot to post my email address . . .