Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Afterlife Contact Possible?

     "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no  proof is possible." Stuart Chase.

     Our individual time lines, as far as we know, begin with our birth and end with our death. During this lifetime we experience many events, some of which are significant enough to be celebrated in some way. Let us suppose for a moment that we could extend that time line like a continuum into another dimension.  If we could do that, then what we call "death" might be just another event on the time line - one that might even call for a celebration for an Earth life lived and loved, for many years or just a few.

     In many cases, we are granted the privilege of time to say, "So long for a while" or "We'll meet again," as the curtain goes down on our part of life's drama.  There are many whose lives come to an abrupt halt because of war, accidents, or other unpredictable occurrences.  It is sometimes difficult to feel closure with those loved ones whose lives have ended so abruptly.  Those of us left behind often remain in a state of shock for a long time.  Try to imagine, then, that we can have an ongoing relationship with those we have "lost."  How would that happen?  Where are they?  What are their lives like now?  What do they do?

     What if you could have some assurance that you would be able to see those you love someday again? Many of us have grown up without any of that assurance, with the exception of perhaps a strong faith.  As children, most of us accepted the beliefs of our parents and grandparents as our own - beliefs that originated in whatever religious orientations our families espoused.

     There are numerous theories and philosophies about life after death.  Is there any proof of an afterlife?  Scientists within the past two centuries have investigated and published their results in professional journals and nonfiction books for the public to read and evaluate.  Their findings have been conclusive for a life after death in some other place or level of existence, and also for the possibility that we on Earth can have ongoing contact with our loved ones in those other levels or dimensions.  For many, this may already be a reality.  You have had strong feelings of a spirit's presence.  You have been guided to just the right book on your shelf for an answer to a question or a problem.  Perhaps you have had dream visits with your loved one - it felt real, and you just knew you were actually with that spirit for that time.

     The above is an excerpt from my soon to be published manuscript :  The Great Transition:  Bridges to the Afterlife.  Please share your thoughts and experiences here.  Ann Frazier West