Friday, September 24, 2010

Subtle Bodies & Levels of Consciousness

Subtle Bodies
Example of subtle body colors

     Ralph Waldo Emerson once penned these words: "The soul looketh steadily forward, creating a world always before her, and leaving worlds always behind her.  She has no dates, no rites, nor persons, nor specialties, nor men.  The soul knows only the soul.  All else is idle for her wearing."

     Manly Hall states that we as physical beings are owners of many bodies "invisible however to those whose perceptions are limited solely to the earthly senses."

    As humans we live in many worlds simultaneously, although we are not always aware that different levels of our being function on their own levels of awareness according to their attunement to these levels and the vibratory frequency they emit.  We seem to do this more easily in our dream states.

     Although the physical body is the only body visible to physical eyes, our twelve levels of consciousness are represented by subtle bodies that function in descending succession according to their vibratory rate.  Each of the twelve planes where these subtle bodies or levels of consciousness are active have seven divisions or sub-planes. They begin with the Plane of Divinitiy and descend to the Earthen Planes and the lowest point of consciousness.

     The subtle bodies are linked to the physical body through chakras (wheels of energy) and corresponding physical glands that vibrate to similar frequencies, and each is represented by a color which is related to a particular principle which determines the specific character of the subtle body.

     The basic color for each level - each body, is the same.  Variations of the colors occur according to spiritual development, health of the particular body, e.g., physical, emotional, mental health, as well as many other factors.  The healthier the bodies, the clearer and more brilliant are the colors.

     In the first illustration above, the bodies appear layered, but they actually interpenetrate, seeming separate as you tune in to a particular level.  The second illustration is an example of what you might see as the quality of color of the bodies (the jars have nothing to do with this post).  The colors might be brilliant or dull according to the health and development of each.  As they develop, they become refined and more transparent and sparkling.  For example, I've had  spontaneous experiences of seeing the bodies and the auric colors around people.  They have been portrayed in many stages of refinement - the most magnificent being the unending brilliant rainbow aura of my teacher, Ann Manser.  I couldn't hold the high frequency required to see the whole aura except at momentary intervals.  A crown chakra that was visible to me on a young man looked like a large fountain rapidly pouring forth sparkling, luminous gold and light green.

     Try staring at yourself beyond a lighted candle in front of a mirror sometime.  You can develop the ability to see some of your bodies.  It's especially helpful to note whether your etheric body, the one next to the physical body, is a rich strong teal blue color or weak and in need of rest and healthy nutrition.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Precognitive Dream


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul
remains unawakened."    Anatole France

     Ommi was my 14-year-old Flame-point Himalayan cat.  The following dream occurred eleven days before his transition to the other side of life: 

     In this dream, I was at home and my front door was open. The screen door was closed, however.  I heard a knock at the door and went to answer it.  It was a man whose visit I was expecting - a business call of some kind.  He stood on the bottom step, about three steps from the screen door, and reached up and opened the door to come in.  I noticed Ommi sitting at the door, just waiting for an opportunity to run outside.  I quickly called out, "No, don't open the door until I get the cat!"  It was too late, and Ommi bounded out and ran away.  I ran behind him as fast as I could go.  I couldn't catch him, and I knew he was gone for good - I would never be able to find him.  While this was all taking place, I was very much aware that my other Himalayan cat Poppy, then in actuality deceased, was lying under a big shade tree in the yard contentedly grooming himself.  He had been free for a while and knew how to live in the great outdoors - both had been indoor cats.  I also knew that Poppy would look after Ommi and help him adjust to his new surroundings.  Poppy looked so serene and happy and self-confident.

     My interpretation of the dream was that because Ommi was being treated for terminal kidney failure and was in a great deal of pain, he was waiting for an opportunity to go through the "door" that would grant him his freedom from a very sick little body.  I suspected that Poppy was hovering close to him during his time of need and would be on hand to help him make his transition.

     Shortly thereafter, when it was Ommi's time to go, he positioned himself under my bed with his face toward the wall.  He was very weak and couldn't seem to maneuver himself toward me when I called him to come out.  I didn't want to force or pull him out for fear of hurting him.  I knew I needed to get Ommi to the hospital and  have help to release him from his painful little body.  Poppy and Ommi had been inseparable when Poppy was still alive.   But Poppy had died about 18 months earlier, and Ommi had almost unrelentingly grieved for him.  I suddenly heard a whisper from another dimension, "Tell him you'll take him to see Poppy."  I got down on my hands and knees again and looked at Ommi, in the same position under the bed.  Then I quietly said, "Ommi, come to me, and I'll take you to see Poppy."  Ommi's head turned so he could see me.  I repeated what I had just told him.  By then he could barely move, but he managed to drag himself out from under the bed, no longer able to stand up.  I carefully picked him up, held him close to me and told him I loved him, and then I put him on a pillow in the pet carrier.

     Ommi made his transition that evening with the assistance of the doctor at the Emergency Animal Clinic.  I sat with him there expressing my love,  saying prayers, and meditating.  I called on angels, my mother, my best friend Pat, my teacher Ann, and Poppy in other dimensions for help with Ommi's transition.  When I felt that Ommi was at peace, I said my last goodbyes.  The doctor and attendants were very compassionate, and they allowed me to stay as long as I wished.

     At home again, emotionally exhausted, totally alone and without a beloved pet for the first time in over 25 years, I fell in bed.  I was about to fall asleep when I suddenly felt Ommi's familiar jump onto the foot of my bed.  He apparently wanted me to know that his journey to the other side - to the next dimension, was successful and he was pain-free and again "full of life."  I am still occasionally aware of his nocturnal visits - Poppy's, too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Scientific Exploration into the Afterlife

          "When Galileo showed the Pope the telescope and told him that it would prove
     Galileo's view of the universe, the Pope called the telescope 'the work of the devil' and
     refused to look through it." Victor Zammit, attorney and researcher.

     There seems to be a growing recognition that science cannot always provide us with answers to life's fundamental questions. The search for greater meaning in life may therefore become more important.

     Currently, Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona, and director of its Human Energy Systems Laboratory, is out in front with his groundbreaking experiments in scientific evidence of life after death. His research into the afterlife began when he was a professor at Yale University and discovered an hypothesis about how systems store information. It forced him to wonder about the possibility that consciousness might survive after death. His book, The The Afterlife Experiments is dedicated to documented experiments that give more credibility to the existence of an afterlife and methods of contact with the "dead."

     Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a world-renowned medical doctor, psychiatrist, and thanatologist was known for her work with children and AIDS patients. She brought the hospice movement to the U.S. In her book, Wheel of Life, she tells of her intuitive guidance to visit an old friend while on her way to a lecture in Seattle. On being welcomed into the home of her friend, what she thought might be an afternoon visit over tea turned into a channeling session with her friend's husband being the channel. The message from the spirit being channeled was, "Your work with death and dying is completed. It's now time for you to begin your second assignment. It's time for you to tell the world that death does not exist." Her lectures and workshops took new paths and gained in popularity. People were more than ready to accept life after death. Many shared that they were having out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and traveling toward a bright light, and they were relieved to have their experiences confirmed.

     I was privileged to hear Dr. Kubler-Ross in person in the early 1990s, and she shared this experience that made the afterlife a reality to her - a professed skeptic. She was talking with a colleague in a hallway at the U. of Chicago when she noticed a woman standing in front of the elevator. She recognized the woman but couldn't recall how she knew her. When her colleague entered the elevator, the woman walked over to Dr. Kubler-Ross and said, "Dr. Ross, I had to come back. Do you mind if I walk you to your office?" She then recognized the woman as Mrs. Schwarz, a woman she had worked with and who had died ten months earlier. Mrs. Schwarz opened the door for Dr. Kubler-Ross and said, "Dr. Ross, I had to come back for two reasons. One, to thank you and Rev. Gaines - to thank you and him for what you did for me. But the other reason I had to come back is to tell you that you cannot stop this work on death and dying, not yet."

     Dr. Kubler-Ross had trouble making sense of it all. She knew Mrs. Schwarz had been buried for ten months, and this went beyond the comfort zone of her belief system. She then found herself touching everything that was 'real' to her - her desk, her chair, her pen - but the woman was still there. She was real, too. The scientist in her wanted proof that Mrs. Schwarz was in actuality there in front of her, and she said, "You know Rev. Gaines is in Urbana now. He would just love to have a note from you. Would you mind?" She handed Mrs. Schwarz a piece of paper and a pencil. Mrs. Schwarz took the paper and wrote a note, then she got up and on leaving, she said again, "Dr. Ross, you promise?" Dr. Kubler-Ross promised, and Mrs. Schwarz disappeared. Dr. Kubler-Ross kept the note to remind her of her personal proof of the reality of life after death.

     "I tell you we do persist. Communication is possible. I have proved that the people who    communicate are who and what they say they are. The conclusion is that survival is scientifically proved by scientific investigation." . . . . . Sir Oliver Lodge, scientist.