Monday, February 14, 2011

What Is Love?


Try to understand what love is on a deeper level
than you now comprehend it.
Actually, the office of love is not exchange -
It is giving.
All creatures of all kingdoms express love, 
not the barter and trade love of human beings,
which is a cultivated attribute most of the time.
A diamond loves when it gives out its beautiful
sparkle for all to see.
That is its mission.
A bird loves when it pours out its song for all to hear,
or none to hear, expecting nothing in return.
But people, for the most part, must be
trained to give, to love, to ask for nothing
in return, and yet this is a spiritual
function of all people.
So you love.  Give your love.
Give it whenever you find a need in some 
other person for that expression of love.
Then, expect and ask for nothing in return.
What is yours will come to you freely, and 
without asking because it is already yours.
What is not yours, you do not want, 
for you can never possess it.
Let your love go free.  Release it.

. . .  Ann C. Manser

     What is love?  Love is a principle, and if placed on a continuum and represented by color, it might be deep red on one end and a rich but delicate rose color on the other.  Perhaps it becomes love only on the higher vibration as it progresses toward rose, which is a Universal, unconditional love.  For me, the Universal Love takes it far above the personality level and connects one with the divinity in all others - a place where one loves everyone else soul-to-soul, so to speak.  On the lower end of the continuum might be the possessive "attachment" or passionate infatuation which has not really become love, sometimes wanting only physical expression.

     As the love principle progresses higher on the continuum, it begins to open up a vertical communication with one's own Higher Self, and with the kingdom of souls and angels, and with the "God Principle."  The vibratory frequency has been created by us for higher electromagnetic activity on spiritual levels and allows us to receive Divine Love and to express our Love for Divinity.  On the lower levels, one usually requires some response to an expression of love.  This can cause much conflict between personalities.  Farther up the continuum, love is expressed without requiring a response.  One expresses love because he/she is "becoming" love and it is a natural expression. 

     As human beings evolve, we become more balanced in our own masculine-feminine principles and come together on a much higher frequency - with the union having more purpose.  We do not necessarily need another person to fill out our imbalances, but come together to share and learn more consciously and to be with each other in a much higher and unconditional loving expression.  We learn to transcend the personality needs and to be truly supportive of another's spiritual journey.

 . . .  Ann Frazier West

"Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
With love comes unity, meaning,
integration, synergy and wholeness.
And yet, this powerful force is so delicate,
so gentle, so easily marred by more self-centered needs,
that we are afraid to experience it.
This is not an easy world to live in,
but love teaches us how vital and meaningful it can be."

 . . .  Tom West

With special love and blessings to my mother, Kathryn, on this day,
the eighth anniversary of her transition to another dimension.
I love you, Mother . . .

Kathryn George Frazier Parrotte
June 11, 1913 - February 14, 2003
"I think of you often -
very often
and I bless you whenever
I see beautiful beings
or noble things,
because you are both
beautiful and noble."
 . . .  Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Beautiful post and tribute!!! The subject of Love, true, kind, genuine Love.... is my favorite subject to write about also! ;-)