Thursday, November 4, 2010


     "When we discover or give birth to our true Selves, the Creator also comes into our lives.  When we become aware of our connection with the creative source of the universe, we also begin to become aware of our part in creation."

     "As we create our own individual Souls, we are also contributing to the creation of the world Soul.  As we create our own lives, therefore, we are co-creating the universe."

     " However, it is our Souls, not our egos that create our lives.  For instance, our Souls may choose to experience sickness or other kinds of loss or suffering as a way to be initiated into deeper wisdom so that we might grow.  Such choices are anathema to the ego, whose function is to help keep us healthy and well functioning, and consequently the ego feels victimized when such events occur (just as the Soul feels victimized when the ego makes security and status its main priorities)."
Awakening the Heroes Within, Carol S. Pearson

     "It is art (visual, music, theatre, poetry, writing, dance, etc.) which makes us the true creators of life.  Until art comes into our lives, we are the playthings of Nature's forces, of a destiny, of a Providence.  When a man senses the sublime things of art, then he stands in eternity, not time, with death merely as a vague inconceivable concept.  He is a creator himself of the great forces of life, he is life's master not its tool. The artist must therefore cease to consider his art as merely an embodiment of his own creative energy.  He has to realise that, while he is so creating, he must also release the capacity of creation in others.  When all are artists, then the work of the artist is over; but not till then."
Art As Will and Idea, C. Jinarajadasa

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